Work-related coaching

Work-related coaching for employees and managers

Are you an employee and do you suffer from work-related stress, fear of failure or are you unable to participate properly in the company? Are you a manager and is one of your employees not doing their job well? Or are you a manager/director who reaches your own limits in your abilities/management skills?

Effective behaviour and more effective emotions

Then work-related coaching is a good option. We will look for the causes of your problems. We will see what you’re up against, what you’d like to do differently and how we can achieve it. We will investigate how we can turn your unwanted behaviour or emotions into more effective behaviour or emotions.

 Work-related coaching:

  • Prevents or reduces absenteeism and promotes sustainable employability
  • Stimulates professional growth and better work
  • Promotes cooperation on the shop floor

Are you an employer, manager or employee and does my approach appeal to you?

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