When we want to change behaviour or relieve stress, talking is often not enough by itself. I use various methods in my practice and during team training:

The Rose of Leary

The Rose of Leary is an interaction circle; a schematic representation of various behavioural possibilities and their effect on others. The Rose of Leary provides insight in order to make conscious choices regarding action and reaction.

It is a useful tool when communication is difficult or when certain behavioural patterns are ingrained. The Rose of Leary helps to analyse a person’s behaviour. In this way, you can better understand the other person and can respond to their behaviour. This can improve communication within a team.

Belbin team roles

Each member of a team brings their own experience and expertise and each has a preference for their own Team Role. A Team Role is a coherent set of characteristics and skills that is ‘innate’. Creativity, communication skills, and analytical skills are all skills that you need to achieve a good result as a team. A team will function better if you take this into account. Belbin’s Team Roles provide tools to improve collaboration within a team.

Brain management
Brain management is a coaching technique based on recent (neuro)scientific research and practical experiences which restores an unbalanced situation in your brain. Such a situation can arise from a negative experience or trauma. In fact it’s about everything, whether big or small, that might upset your balance.

When you experience something, you record it in your memory. An event consists of many ‘mental pictures’ such as smells, colours, shapes, tastes, words, sounds etc. and their corresponding physical sensations. These are stored in different places in your brain. If one of the mental pictures is not stored properly in a stressful situation, then a so-called bad cluster is created. The aim of Brain Management is to repair bad clusters. This takes place during a session with your coach/guide in an effective and fast way.

You will notice the results immediately. Your symptoms will diminish considerably or even disappear. You will get a lot more (life) energy. You will be able to be open to life again. You will learn a lot about how the brain works. It will strengthen your assertiveness and self-confidence and have a beneficial effect on your private life and relationships. Brain management provides a return on investment for life: you will learn to use the methods as a tool that you will never forget how to use.

Neuro Stress Release
Neuro Stress Release (NSR) is a technique originally from Australia designed to tackle emotional and physical problems. Neuro Stress Release uses the body’s energy systems to solve physical, chemical, emotional and mental problems in the body.
Together with your practitioner you will see where the energy in your body stagnates. With the help of muscle tests, your practitioner will look for triggers that cause the energy in your body to stagnate.  The practitioner will then cleans up this stagnation with an eye technique.

The treatment will immediately give you ‘a clean feeling’ and ‘space’ in your body and mind.
Blockages are literally removed.  This results in relaxation, rest and a lot of renewed energy as a consequence. You can use this space to continue working on the cause of this stagnation.

Palo Alto Limbic Coaching
Recent brain research has shown that our choices and actions are determined by our ’emotional brain’, long before our rational thinking is aware of them. This is why many people find it difficult to turn their own intentions into behavioural change. The Palo Alto Coaching method removes blockages in the limbic system (the emotional brain) by using the brain’s ability to repair itself. By using this groundbreaking method, obstructive emotions and memories are processed in an outcome-oriented manner.