(Interim) HR Advisor with a people-oriented approach

Reorganisations and cultural changes lead to a great deal of uncertainty among employees and managers and can lead to tension and conflict situations.

I will help you to complete these processes successfully with a human-centric, transparent and results-oriented approach. I work with government, health, welfare and other non-profit organisations.

Changes are successful and sustainable when they are supported by the people within the organisation, from the shop floor to management. That’s why I talk to everyone. I am open to everyone, whether they are executives, board members or employees. I say what I think, see and feel and involve everyone in the process.

Everyone involved has a right to know what is going on. Openness is a prerequisite for successful change.

Transparency sets people in motion. I therefore put an end to hidden agendas and political games. In this way, I create room for change and development.

Results count
I see what it takes to make a change and/or a reorganisation a success. This includes guiding people from job to job, team training, individual coaching and mediation, as well as confrontation, trust and respectful communication. We work towards a sustainable result in a targeted manner.

Wijnand Bruin Consultancy helps your organisation with:

  • Overseeing reorganisation and change processes
  • Mediating conflict and crisis situations
  • Assisting employees from job to job

Please contact me for an introductory meeting.

Is one of your employees having trouble participating in your organisation or company? Or do you reach the limits of your own capabilities? A few sessions of Work-related Coaching may be a good idea.