What others say

Corrie Eriks
A.I. Director School for Business & Administration in Noorderpoort
4 December 2016, Corrie was a client of Wijnand
As an HR business partner at Hanze University, Wijnand assisted me in a complex organisational development process. Wijnand is open to innovation and thinks constructively and honestly about solutions that are good for people and organisations. He is an excellent listener, understands people, knows how to clearly identify obstructions and to focus so that goals can be achieved effectively. It is inspiring to work with him, Wijnand really adds value.

Houdrie Slofstra
Company Service Team Leader for Weststellingwerf Council
22 March 2013, Houdrie collaborated with Wijnand, albeit in different groups
Wijnand: a pleasure to work with during my period as a manager of several teams in Westerveld. He was of great value as an advisor and supporter in difficult personnel issues. Professional manner; pleasant, clear. Sharp and confrontational where necessary, flexible and accessible in general.

Bas Spliet
Public Space Team Leader at Westerveld Council| Senior lecturer in Infrastructure at NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences
10 November 2012, Bas worked with Wijnand, albeit in different groups
Wijnand is an experienced P&O consultant with whom it is very pleasant to work. He moves around the organisation easily and provides clear and thorough advice which is both solicited and unsolicited and which improves quality. The joy he shows in his work is motivating and contagious.

Rikus Jager
Mayor of Westerveld
9 November 2012, Wijnand worked with Rikus in the same group.
Working with Wijnand is extremely enjoyable. He has a great deal of expertise and integrity in the field of personnel management. You can discuss matters quickly and deal with them adequately. Especially in the sensitive area of personnel management, quality takes precedence over quantity. Taking great care is his priority. I myself hope to be able to work with him for many years to come.
I would also like to point out that in addition to a businesslike and efficient approach to his portfolio, he is also someone with whom you can have a good conversation or debate on various subjects.

Victoria Naisola Ruiter
Research & Development Management at European Tourism Futures Institute, Netherlands | PhD Student in Social Psychology
3 May 2012, Victoria worked with Wijnand, albeit for different companies
Wijnand truly ignites your potential. He is a professional who deeply understands talent and has a wealth of experience to share on performance management. He is superb at challenging strategy and people to achieve potential and greater impact – all this with a smile and a laugh. A very special gift, which he is capable and willing to share with committed and interested people. He makes time with people to understand who they are and how he can help. A true coach, who challenges you to work on yourself!
Wijnand is not only a fine coach but also a good person. He’s clear in his actions. Above all, he’s honest. He is sincere in his interest in others. He has an eye for people.

Marieke Heijnen
Medical Secretary Lievensberg Hospital
8 July 2009, Wijnand worked with Marieke in the same group.
My collaboration with Wijnand was perfect. Wijnand is able to approach and motivate people at all levels in the right way. His calm manner enables him to get people out of a negative spiral and to stimulate them.

Mariella de Sterke
Self-confidence and inspiration coach.
1 June 2009, Mariella was a client of Wijnand
I met Wijnand once in a group setting.

Wijnand has the talent to show a group of people who they are in a set of categories defined by the well-known Harvard professor Belbin. Since these roles are linked with specific types of behaviour, being aware of your own types – the different components of who you really are – opens the door to more strategic choices of intervention while being totally authentic. Moreover, all members have the power to ask their colleagues to switch to another more effective behaviour in that particular decision-making process, thus structurally introducing meta-communication!

With his quiet powerful presence, his factual observations and his amazing simplicity, I truly believe Wijnand to be an effective leader and someone who can substantially contribute to mutual understanding and efficiency in management teams.

Last but not least: he is a good guy and he is fun!

Frans Haenen
Head of Department Central Services & Support at GGD Fryslân
26 April 2009, Wijnand collaborated with Frans in the same group.
I really enjoyed working with Wijnand. In a complex environment, we were able to keep to a clear shape and content and work towards results. Wijnand was a reliable and constructive critical HRM manager, hard on output and soft in relationships.

Vivianne Cleiren
Head of P&O/Trainer, LUMC

16 September 2008, Vivianne was a client of Wijnand
Through a sophisticated combination of coaching techniques and the use of Neuro Stress Release, Wijnand was able to mobilise and advance the stranded, personal and professional development trajectory of a manager in a top clinical hospital.

Trijn van der Meulen
Director, Board of Directors Frion
14 September 2008, Wijnand collaborated with Trijn in the same group.
I’ve come to know Wijnand as a special person. As a coach, he is able to guide people through difficult times. He is good at analysing issues and does not mince his words. As a result, he can sometimes be confrontational but always with good intentions! I can recommend Wijnand as a coach and trainer.

Martijn Betgem
✪ recruiter for tax purposes ✪
4 September 2008, Martijn worked with Wijnand but for different companies
Wijnand is a passionate and goal-oriented Human Resources expert who recognises the importance of fair, consistent and ethical HR practices. He always seems to be striving to improve his skills. I highly recommend Wijnand’s work.